Election 2013 and our expectations …By Manesh Kumar

The Nation, hopefully, is looking towards the coming election 2013; it has remained 4, 5 months only.  Constitutional assemblies will complete its five years tenure at March 18. For the free and fair elections, the chief election commissioner, ret justice fukher Aldin. G abhrim has been appointed by the P P P government with consensus of P M L (N) and other opposition parties First time in Pakistan history, government and opposition parties have also pledged to have an impartial caretaker government as well. Credit of fair voter lists goes to Supreme Court.
Most important thing, I would like to say or it is very fortune of all of us Pakistanis, that these peoples elected democratic p p p government in first time of country’s 64 year history, going to complete its tenure … congratulations …!  However the previous Q League government had also completed its tenure, it wasn’t elected, but selected by a dictator Mushraff. However, this government was elected  in the name of late  Benazir Bhutto assassination, had more to do, which could have not fulfill the public’s hopes, in initial promises were made by people elected members and their leadership are not fulfilled.
Election campaign was started from Imarn Khans Lahore jalsa, on October 30, 2012, many of us thought that his high speed tsunami  is going to change not only Pakistan but whole the world, his promises of finishing corruption and dishonesty and others were so pretty but, alas, not sustained, before election he is going to be thing of past. Then P P P, P M L (N), M Q M, Sindhi nationalist and religious parties too, were began to show their strength more than real potential, which are still continued.
P P P  has announced that its very sincere about having free and fair election, in the first progress  chief election commissioner has been appointed with full agreement of different opposition parties, and acting government too, will be unbiased. Leaders of P P P asserted that in their tenure no one would object on any step that they would have taken.  M L (N) has also said in different statements that they except that under the chief election commissionership of ret justice fukher Aldin. G abhrim, 90 elections would be fair. And the other hand they think or say that as for as president Aasif Zardari is sitting is Ewan Sader, they did not think of free and fair election. But know their guns are not only towards the zardari but they seem more anxious of Imarn Khans tsunami, which they might have to face in Punjab.
In the Pakistanis history mostly there has been fight between civil and military to achieve the … military is served Pakistan more than democratic governments, so this is the first time that they are not seemingly, looking toward … or not interested to take any adventure, which may cause the country’s failure, so democratic process scarcely, has started its growth from very low level, that’s why after this elected government, people are not listening any eco of heavy shoes, but next  time too, there will be democratic government.
So, the most interesting topic of discussion at public discourse and in the media as well, is only one; next election, in Sindh province, Peoples party is standing on one side and other parties, nationalist, q league, functional Muslim league and religious groups too, are on other side, they said that p p p, after new local government ordinance, have lost the mandate of the public of sindh, and have not fulfilled the hopes which people wanted, for what they voted, so it is the time, first, that people of sindh are very angry with p p p and do not wants to elect such type of government, which may cause endanger  the existence of  sindh. They are hoping that this time people will vote them .P pp is not looking bother that it might have to face any kind of difficulty, they say people of sindh is well aware of nationalist and other parties, and their leadership, and will support to p p p as before.
The public is also responsible at this time, to elect well-wisher members and people should vote on the performance base not on the bases of emotional attachment, free media can play greater role in this regard, students and other educated people can also do a lot, if they want.


Author: maneshkumar


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